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How to give this talk

Welcome! We designed this talk so that anyone can give it to their parent community. You can deliver this presentation exactly as written or you can customize the script to your own experience and add any comments or references that will resonate with your

Here are a few tips to help your presentation go smoothly:


1. Review the presentation slides

Open the presentation in Google slides. Review the presentation and read through the speaker notes. Some slides have audio buttons or video, and some build imagery with clicks, so it’s important to review it in presentation mode.

2. Review the script

The presenter’s script is available as a Google Doc. Follow the link on the DIY Lecture Series homepage and read through the script. Go to the File menu and select “make a copy.” That way, you create your own copy of the script where you can make changes or add comments. Print it if you want to have a paper copy when giving the talk.

3. Do 2-3 practice run-throughs

In the top right corner, next to “Present,” click the drop-down menu and select “Presenter view” to see the speaker notes. Review the deck in presenter mode. Some of the slides contain audio clips, video, or animation. Instructions for the presenter are in
brackets. For example, when you see [CLICK AUDIO ICON TO PLAY], click the audio icon on the screen to play the accompanying audio. Run through the talk at least once in presentation mode so that you’re familiar with the slides and the content.

4. Get familiar with the activity at the end of the talk

Each presentation concludes with a short discussion activity to do in pairs or groups.The idea is to engage parents with the material they’ve just heard. Read the prompts and think about how you’ll facilitate the discussion at the end.

5. Print handouts to distribute

Print up copies of this quick audience survey and pass them out at the end of your event to get feedback from your attendees. Each talk also includes a topic-specific handout for parents to take home, which you’ll find on the DIY Lecture Series homepage.

6. Take a short presenter feedback survey

It only takes a moment, and gives us valuable information that will help us improve these and future presentations. We appreciate it! Take the survey here.

Questions? We’re here to help! Email us at: